Designed upon the concept of respect for traditional values and strong neighbor relations, Gate of Anatolia has been constructed under the assurance of ACK Group, one of the most reliable companies in construction sector.

Upon displaying strong position sticking to its values, ACK Group hasn’t any borrowings against banks and companies which it works with. Gate of Anatolia has guaranteed its project by wholly-owned project field and completing payments of building materials.

Starting out to reconfigure and refresh the dreams without any limiting; ACK Group is a company consisting of building and construction production groups. Upon servicing with experienced advisors and following the recent developments, ACK group aims to set new standards for structure with its broad vision and attitude of non-compromising its principles.

Our company is an organization that oversees the customer satisfaction, aims the quality for design, planning and production in every organization it has undertaken, adopts the principle of affection production designed by knowledge and experience.

First of all “Reliance”